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Play Therapy can help a child that has been experiencing difficulties in their life, either socially, emotionally, or behaviorally. They may be worried, sad, withdrawn, or more argumentative. We view behavior as a form of communication and any of these can be signs that your child is struggling and would likely benefit from play therapy.

According to the Association for Play Therapy, the benefits of play therapy are:                                              • Develop more successful strategies to deal with difficulties
• Facilitate healing from stressful or traumatic experiences
• Express thoughts and feelings in healthier ways
• Develop respect and acceptance of self and others
• Learn new ways of thinking and behaving
• Have empathy and respect for thoughts and feelings of others
• Learn new social connection and relational skills with family

Play Therapy is not the same as playing with your child at home. Play Therapy uses your child’s natural tendency to “play out” their feelings, worries, and life situations in the presence of a specially trained Play Therapist. The Play Therapist helps the child to feel accepted, understood, and gain a sense of control over difficult feelings or situations.

All children and their reasons for starting Play Therapy are unique. Just like adults in counseling, it is hard to predict how long your child will need Play Therapy. Some children may come a few times, others a few months, or even a year or more. Your child’s Play Therapist will be in communication with you regarding your child’s progress in the playroom and your report of their progress at home/ school. Parent involvement is key to your child’s growth and parent sessions will be scheduled to review progress and challenges.

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