About Full Circle Counseling and Family Services

Full Circle Counseling and Family Services provides Counseling for Children, Adolescents, Adults & Families and is committed to providing excellent care in a comfortable and private environment. We are proud to offer neurodiversity affirming care across the lifespan and believe that the ultimate goal of counseling is to assist individuals in creating lives that feel good, meaningful, and fulfilling.

Full Circle Counseling and Family Services understands that counseling is an endeavor toward a safer, healthier, and more balanced way of being in the world. Our staff looks forward to the opportunity to connect with you!  

experience the world in different ways

Types of therapy we offer

Individual Therapy

Receive caring, collaborative, and genuine support as you work 1:1 with a therapist who is committed to helping you reach your goals. Our therapists are trained to work with a wide variety of emotional, developmental, and behavioral concerns.

Play Therapy

Helps children express themselves, explore their inner world, and find ways to work through challenges using their natural language of play.

Pre-Teen & Teen Therapy

A judgment-free space for pre-teens & teens to be heard, understood, and supported. We integrate a variety of methods including talk therapy, activity therapy, expressive arts, and sand tray therapy to meet their needs and interests.

Neurodiversity Affirming Care

Full Circle Counseling and Family Services is proud to offer counseling services tailored to the unique needs of children, adolescents, adults, and their families with a wide range of developmental, intellectual, and physical disabilities.

Social CONNECT Groups

The goal of this innovative program is to help children, teens, and young adults build positive relationships and develop socio-emotional skills to enhance their life.

Parent Coaching

Learn parenting tools to connect with your child and manage challenging behaviors.

Telehealth & Virtual Therapy

We offer teletherapy as an option for clints by using a HIPPA-approved telehealth platform to provide virtual therapy services anywhere in Texas that reflect the in-person experiences our clients trust.

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